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Let me start by introducing one of my favorite families to date. Meet Brian, Stephanie, Halle and Olivia.2016-07-23_0014pinthis

Aren’t they such a good-looking crew? As I have mentioned in the past, I am awfully partial to families with little girls. Maybe this will change once I deliver my first baby boy here in a couple weeks, but I doubt it. I love the energy, sweetness and even the sass that little girls can sometimes exhibit.

I was first contacted by Stephanie earlier this year after she was referred to me by her sister, whose family I had worked with last fall. (You can check that session out here if you like.) It took us a little while to settle on a date that worked with both of our schedules, but we were finally excited and ready to go! And then…mother nature intervened. And we had to reschedule not once, but twice. Each time the forecast called for rain and gray skies. And each time the rain would pass overhead and never really materialize. It was frustrating. And I was getting nervous because my due date was approaching fast. But in the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Because when we finally found a date that worked, the weather was PERFECT! No wind. No rain. No gray skies. Just a gorgeous night with a beautiful sunset. I have to give major kudos to Stephanie for her flexibility, understanding, and persistence in making sure everything was in place to allow us to capture her family in the best way possible. Totally worth the wait I think.

We started off downtown Lake Geneva2016-07-23_0016pinthis2016-07-23_0015pinthis
And after a few pictures there, we moved to a natural, field setting. This is where the we shot during ‘magic hour’ which is what photographers call that hour before sunset where the sun is low in the sky and gives off that warm, golden glow. It’s my favorite for family sessions. Speaking of favorites, here is my #1 image from this adorable family’s sessionLake Geneva family sessionpinthis
You can just feel the love in that one. And this one:2016-07-23_0017pinthisAnd here are a couple of the girls with their mom and their dad.2016-07-23_0024pinthisDoesn’t dad have the best smile?2016-07-23_0020pinthisThis is Halle. She is the sweetest young little 8 year old. Plus, she has a razor-sharp memory to boot. I mentioned the names and ages of my 3 girls in passing when we first started shooting, and when I started talking about one of them later, she said ‘She’s your 15 year-old right?’ Wow Halle!
Not to mention, we both share a love of our pet chickens 🙂2016-07-23_0023pinthisAnd we can’t forget little Olivia. Can’t you just see her personality shine through here? She is a mix of full-on sweetness with a little bit of independence thrown in. And I like a girl who knows her own mind! We got along fabulously.2016-07-23_0022pinthis2016-07-23_0019pinthisAnd because mom and dad HAVE to have a photo together2016-07-23_0021pinthisA couple more to finish up the night.2016-07-23_0026pinthis2016-07-23_0018pinthis

Thank you so much Stephanie, Brian, Halle and Olivia- for allowing me the honor of getting to know you and capturing your family photos.


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I really like young families. Like A LOT. Their energy and their emotions are just contagious and I really do feed off of it. The smiles, the hugs, the connections. Sigh……

And these two little cuties!! What a couple of bonded sisters. I had no trouble at all getting them to sit together for a picture. They hugged each other so tight and were so sweet with each other! I left this session a happy little photographer to have seen such bubbly, fun, sweet, excited energy. Ellen and Kyle, kudos to you for raising such wonderful little girls. It’s not easy (I know!), but keep doing what you’re doing. You’re rockin’ it.

Thank you so much for letting me photograph your family.


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  • Jennifer - Fantastic pictures Vanessa! You never cease to amaze me.ReplyCancel

Sometimes fall sessions can be brutal. But we got lucky with the weather this day. And I got to meet a new, young, and lovely family. If you like redheads like I do, you’re in for a treat with this session. Say hello to Debbie, Nick, Evan, Ella and Addison. I think you’ll agree that they’re adorable.

Evan, doesn’t he play the part of the handsome older brother so well?2015-11-12_0001pinthis
And this is Ella, who has the sweetest smile EVER.
I just love this one. It makes me smilepinthis
And this one….pinthis
Introducing Addison! Isn’t she soooooooo pretty???
And now you know why the kids are so dang cute! Just take a look at how cute their mom and dad are!pinthispinthispinthispinthispinthispinthis

Thanks Debbie and Nick, for having such a super-adorable family, for letting me photograph you all, and for being such a wonderful family to work with! I wish you all the best.


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  • Jen - Vanessa, I always love your photographs! What a great looking family to work with. (I am slightly partial to redheads)ReplyCancel